The Coin System helps families raise Kind, Caring, & Respectful Children!

The Coin System is an evidence-based tool used to improve your child's behavior while reinforcing family values.

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About The Coin System


Recognize good behavior in your child

"Wow, Natalie!  Thank you for folding your clothes!"


Reward your child with coins

"You just earned FIVE coins for folding your clothes!"


Reinforce your family values when they earn and spend their coins

"You want to go to the movies?  How awesome!  That's TEN coins, please!"

How it works for you:

The more you reward...


(for good actions, attitudes, and behaviors)

The more good they do...


(over and over again)

To earn more coins!


(Parenting Win!)

How it works for them:

The more coins they earn...

(for doing the right things)

The more they can spend...

(on fun things)

And then earn more again!

(Kiddo Win!)

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